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Todd Montgomery Music

Todd Montgomery

is a multi-instrumentalist living in Malibu, California, who began his music journey more than 35 years ago. Today, he plays the sitar, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, tenor banjo, and guitar.  He is one half of the composing-recording team FERNWOOD, with Gayle Ellett of Djam Karet. The two have co-created two critically acclaimed records, Almeria (2008) and Sangita (2009). Todd has also spent more than twenty years learning various traditional music forms including Bluegrass, Traditional Irish music, and Classical Indian ragas. He has experience in a wide range of fields, including film soundtracks, award-winning CDs, commercials, animation, music libraries, computer games, and live performance. 

Currently, Todd is working on an album of experimental, ambient, Celtic music, and is also at work on the third FERNWOOD album.


GUITAR PLAYER Magazine (June 2008) described Todd's music as "Wonderfully melodic, expertly layered, masterfully interwoven, luscious yet rootsy.

Number 4 album of the year, 2008, Echoes Radio (ECHOES.ORG).

“Sangita is most rewarding and truly brilliant – a genuine masterpiece.” Music Street Journal

“Absolutely enchanting, a brilliant mix of interesting textures and layers of exotic acoustic timbers. A tantalizing taste of otherworldly aural delight." 


“As an acoustic instrumental album, its concentration on melody rather than technique, rhythm, musical clichés or conformity, makes it one of the most different, satisfying and gorgeous albums of its kind around today.” DEAD EARNEST (Scotland)

“The technical expertise required to play all of these instruments as well as the musical vision to combine everything in such a wonderful manner is quite breathtaking” DUTCH PROGRESSIVE ROCK PAGES (Holland)

“Sangita” is a beautiful slice of eclectic, wide-ranging music, a finely-crafted album, born of the staunch dedication of Ellett and Montgomery to their art." PROGRESSOR (Uzbekistan)

“It is very melodic music with a beautiful ear for a descriptive melodious sound and clarity, which is a pleasure to hear, and which makes me listen to this album again and again, as one of those rare albums that probably will remain with you for a lifetime of appreciation.”
Psychevanhetfolk.com  (Belgium)


Todd has enjoyed performing music with

The Chieftains                   Michelle Shocked                       Gayle Ellett         

Hutch Hutchinson               Danny Kelly                              Mike Murray

Kim Carroll                        Suzanne Teng                           Rick Ellis

Pete Hillman                      George Lockwood                      Cait Reed

Kevin Crehan                     Rob Campenella                        Gilbert DeSoto

Brendan O’Halloran                 Kevin  Utsler                                       Madra

Buzzworld                                 High on Grass                                    Daryl Vance Jones

Drummer                                   Mark Wilpolt                                       Dave Burns

The Hillmen                             Topanga Mountain Allstars              Lost Tribe of Americ

Todd plays a bouzouki made by Lawrence Nyberg 
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